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August 7, 2018- Diagnosis of Cancer

"It's cancer," the doctor says, as she probes through his nose and down his throat.

August 13, 2018- Wedding Bells

"Till death do you part," says the court appointed Justice of the Peace, as he herds us in and out like cattle.  

September 17, 2018- Day 1 of Chemo

"This won't hurt," the nurse says, as she injects my husband with needles, and pushes poison through his blood stream.

October 8, 2018- Day 2 of Chemo

Throw up.  The shakes.  The sweats.  Fetal position.  

I sit there, helpless, silently waiting for my husband to finish Round 2.

November 12, 2018- Day 3 of Chemo

SILENCE.  Absolute, complete silence as he finishes he last round of chemo.  Three and a half painful hours of SILENCE, as toxins invade his body, his veins, his blood, his heart.

November 14, 2018- The Ringing of the Bell

"Ring the bell," I say, "to celebrate your last treatment [35th treatment] of radiation."  I help him hold the bell.  The nurses take pictures.  He looks gray, sunken, and soul-less.


"GET UP! WAKE UP!," I scream.  Nothing.  He is done.  He gives up.  Yeah, cancer sucks.

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I am so sorry you lost your husband. Was his death cancer related. You said he stopped treatment last Nov. Chemotherapy his given us 2.5 more years of life together. It's bad stuff but its not the culprit.
I did not realize that your husband passed away. But that poison is the best we have at this point in time. I'm sorry for your loss. God bless.
This is very sad news about your husband. The treatment is so incredibly difficult, but the prognosis is supposed to be good. Especially with you guys being so young. Can you tell us if it was the side-effects from the treatment that caused his death or did the cancer? I remember telling my wife that if the cancer didn't kill me, I thought the treatments might. And your husband had 5 more radiations than I did. So very sad news...it hurts all of us that have gone through this to hear.
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